The escort industry revolves around a massive number of services offered by escorts to their clients. Working as an escort was in the past treated as a field for the unlearned and lazy people who want to make quick money.


The above perspective has however changed with time as many graduates and highly respected people have joined the best Chennai escort  industry as their only occupation. We have models, makeup experts, counselors and many other experts working in the escort industry. For this reason, escorting can officially be treated just like any other profession.

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The difference between commitment and workaholic

Although commitment is a great virtue and aspect of success for every employee and business person, there is a very thin line between workaholic and commitment. In fact, many people who start out as committed employees and business people normally ends up being workaholics if they are not careful.


While commitment is a virtue it should be treated with a lot of caution regardless of which position one holds or the kind of business one is involved in. this however doesn’t mean that we should not be committed in our careers, what it simply means, it should be done with moderation.


Signs of a workaholic


Below are the major indicators that one has moved from being a committed employee to a workaholic.

  1. You never stop working

For escorts who work in agencies, there are normally controlled set hours that their employees are supposed to work. However, this is not a sure deal that the escorts will not be working. Workaholic escorts take their official phones with them and are always alert just in case a client decides to set a date with them.


  1. Your work-life balance is zero



A workaholic Chennai Escorts Models doesn’t have a life. This means all they think about is work and more work. Even during their own free time, they are still looking for something extra they can do to make money. Although this might start as fun, but with time, it becomes uncontrollable.


  1. Your sleep is disturbed 


Long restful sleep becomes a thing of the past. Many workaholic escorts sleep with their phones to ensure they don’t miss any call from their clients. Although this might seem normal, it steals from you an opportunity to have sound sleep.  



Note: always keep in mind that commitment is a virtue while workaholic is a vice and a disease.

Source:- Blogspot