How not to fall in love with a Chennai escort?

There are a million reasons you will want to spend time with escorts in Chennai, like:

  1. Your job or business keeps you so busy that you do not find time experience the intimacy you desire.
  2. They are the most beautiful and intelligent women on the planet.
  3. You are looking for the excitement that comes from striking up a conversation and spending time with a stranger.
  4. You want the company of a woman without being bogged down into commitments of any sort.

Whatever your reason, it is important that you do not blur the lines between professional and personal intimacy and fall in love with the woman you have met through a Chennai escort agency. It can be difficult at times, but if you are cautious, it is achievable. In fact, thousands of successful men like you in Chennai are already doing it.


It is natural to feel wanted, desired and appreciated after a visit to a Chennai escort. But do not let those feelings overwhelm you.Most men cannot bear the emotional blow that comes from seeing the woman they have just spent time with pack her bag and walk away to meet another client. It arouses in them a sense of protection, which is not right. It is important to keep in mind that your escort in Chennai is not Pretty Woman and you are not Richard Gere.

If emotional intimacy is on your mind, stick to dating. But do not try to turn your escort into your date. It will hurt you in a big way.You should realize that the woman you were intimate with has not even probably told you her real name. It is standard industry practice



“But she made me feel special!”


If that’s what you are thinking, then be warned. It is her job to make you feel special. She does with all her clients. If she did not, she would not be able to pay her bills. Do not think it is manipulation. It is business. You paid her for a service. She delivered you a good service. Enjoy. But do not fall into the trap thinking she is in love with you.


So how do you stop yourself? There are three popular techniques:


  1. Imagine her at your home. Are you OK with your parents meeting her and telling them the truth about her profession? Say QUIT if you aren’t.
  2. Will you be OK with her continue her profession after marrying you? Stop dreaming about her if you find the idea repulsive.
  3. Date a new woman every time you visit an Anna Nagar escort agency. It works. Chennai escorts are pretty and intelligent. They make you feel special. It is natural to fall in love with them. But as a responsible client, and for your own well-being, you should keep your feelings in check. The techniques suggested in this article may help you.

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Why Do Men Like Escorts?

As an Indian if he has been with an Indian escort, you will always get a confused answer. Most men have never encountered an escort service in their lives and do not think they will call one. At the same time, there are many, many men – 20 percent of male population, according to a survey conducted in Mumbai like escorts. What is it that entices them to spend a hell lot of money on a woman with whom they will not necessarily have a happy ending? Here, we are not talking about blokes, but men who are financially and socially successful and can easily get a girlfriend, if they so want. Yet, they insist on temporary, paid companionship with women. Are they mad? It turns out, no. They have their own reasons, such as:

Escorts Are Not Prostitutes

The men who hire escorts in Chennai are not some horrible, deformed monsters. They are usually very handsome and rich men who prefer escorts because they do not have time to date women and build long-term relationships. Traveling businessmen are usually near the top of the list of candidates who hire escorts or contact female escort agencies in Chennai.They prefer escorts over prostitutes because escorts are not destitute women after money. They are well educated, well dressed and well-paid individuals who know how to have a nice conversation with a rich man. And men are like it, because not all of them are dogs.



Beauty with Brains

some men do not go out and try dating women because they think they do not have an attractive personality. They are good-looking and wealthy, but not sophisticated. So they went for Alwarpet   escorts, thinking that escorts can show them a glimpse of high-class dating. And they are usually right.

Escorts do not always sleep with you

you can pay an escort INR 10000 an hour and she may still refuse to sleep with you, if that is not a part of your deal. Men like this professionalism. And many of them do not care about it because all they want is someone who can accompany them to nice places. A woman with an attitude makes them feel proud.Besides that, there are a dozen more reasons. You can learn about them if you hire an escort. It will be interesting. Try it.

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Is Beauty Enough to Become A Perfect Chennai Escort?

One of the rarely uttered requirements to being an escort is to be pretty. While not every escort in Chennai is comparable to a Greek goddess in looks, the trend is rather clear: your typical professional comparison tends to possess more attractive looks than an average woman. But is looks enough? While many people, especially those who have never had a chance to spend time with a Chennai escort, will say that look is the only thing needed to being an escort, we do not agree. Being in this industry for many years and after having served many high-profile clients from India and abroad we are confident that beauty although an important asset in itself but alone cannot turn a woman into a successful escort.


To shine in the industry and to satisfy clients, a Chennai escort needs more than a pretty face. The clients, who typically pay for high-end escorts, are not lacking in female companionship. They pay top dollar for quality time, which includes light but intelligent conversation. That brings us to the top two qualities an escort must possess if she is looking for a long-term career in the industry. Being aware of what these qualities should be of interest to clients to avoid being duped by cute faces with little or non-existing communication skills and a lack of sense of humor.



Communication Skill of an escort


Although an escort’s looks can render a client speechless, it is how she communicates that gets her bookings. A woman, who is uncomfortable expressing herself concisely, may leave an impression of being unwilling or uncomfortable in the job and can spoil her client’s evening. For clients too, it is difficult to decipher unclear messages and can lead to awkward situations.

Humor of your Girl


After communication, if something matters, it is her sense of humor. There is a joke in the industry that an Anna Nagar escort with a sense of humor is only as much fun as an escort with a contraceptive. It makes it easier for clients, especially those who are first timers, to build rapport and have a nice time. To sum up, the next time you go looking for an escort, prefer someone who is not only pretty but also has formidable communication skills and a lively sense of humor. So, before entering into the adult industry, make sure that you have some extra quality as well.


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How to Negotiate with a Chennai Escort Agency?

Chennai offers several high-class escort agencies. If you have decided to contact one of them, you will wish to understand how to give them a run for your money. Thankfully, it is not hard and the key lies in negotiation. You can cut down expenses a lot without raising any red flags if you handle the entire negotiation professionally. This blog has some tips on how to speak to a female escort agency and get the best value for your money. 

There are several ways to negotiate with Chennai escort agencies. It all depends on the law covering them and the terms and conditions of the contract between the agency and the escorts. For instance, some Chennai escort agencies may require you to negotiate at the very first step. Others, however, may gladly wait for the finalization of the escort. Their price may vary a little depending upon your choice of girl. Some agencies even provide you the chance of negotiating with your escort girl.




Choosing Online is always effective


If you have found a Chennai escort agency online, you will very likely discover its phone number. In cases where a phone number is not mentioned, there is usually a way to talk to a representative who can give you a contact number. Find that number and speak to the service provider. You will have to be very clear about your requirements because the price you will have will depend on the services you want. An agency representative shall be able to tell you how much of a discount you can get if you order more services. When offered such a deal, prefer to go for the buffet instead of a la crate.


Finally, you will not want to negotiate everything with the escort agency. In some Chennai escorts services providers, it usually happens that the money made from more services goes into the agency owner’s pocket instead of the woman. Therefore, wait for the woman to arrive and speak to her. Offer her more money and ask for more services. In many cases, she will readily agree because all the money that you are paying is going into her pocket. It is very easy for you to browse the available options online. The only thing you need to choose and negotiate the same. It is always recommended to negotiate in advance else you may get conned by them.


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What you need to know before hiring an escort service

If you are traveling to Chennai, then you may want to hire an escort for some entertainment during your stay. If you know where to find a good escort, then your search will be a lot easier. However, if you do not, then you need to figure out how to hire escorts in Chennai, as well as how they avail their services.





Know what you are looking for


most escort services do not explicitly advertise all the services provided by their escorts. They only provide a clause of companionship for a given time period. This is what you pay for, officially. So, be sure to clear up everything when contacting the Chennai escort service provider.


Know your limits


there are dos and don’ts when dealing with escorts.You need to acquaint yourself with these dos and don’ts beforehand. For instance, never lend your cell phone to the escort. You may offer to make a call if necessary, but do not give your phone to them. The same applies to money. No matter how much you may like the escort, or how many times you have done business with them, never lend them money. This tends to create a personal relationship outside of the escort-client relationship, and this might not be a good idea. Keep your relationship purely within the agreed terms.


Agency escort


most people go for agency escorts who specialize in the business. This come with several benefits as these agencies scrutinize escorts before bringing them on board. The result, you can be reasonably certain that you will have a good experience with them. In addition, when it comes to agencies, there are budget packages as well as premium offers. Just be careful when choosing the agency.


Independent escort


most escorts opt to go independent and work without an agency. This doesn’t mean that such escorts weren’t accepted by agencies. They do so because they want to get all the money from their customers, without sharing with the agency. You can trust independent escorts for quality service. So, be sure to make your mind whether you are going to use an Independent Girls Escorts of get one from an agency.Finding a good escort in Chennai doesn’t have to be rocket science. All you have to is identify your need before searching around for an agency or an independent one. With the right escort, you will sure have the best experience in Utah.


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Chennai Escorts: The Leading Light of the Society

The world today is full of darkness, confusion and heartaches. The highest percentage of people you meet everyday have some kind of pain or wound they are trying to heal. They have this strong desire in them of wishing to meet with someone who will understand them and love them for who they are. This is however proving to be difficult because, even person they try to rely on proves to be worse than them. This explains the reason why there are very many people especially the young generation who are committing suicide. People who had been entrusted with so much have ended up either committing suicide or being killed by their peers.

The problem is not so much on peer pressure or wrong parenting but it is all about the fear of opening up. This is where our female escorts comes in. many people who have learnt the advantage of hiring female Chennai escort  once in a while have been able to have control of their lives. This is because; these girls have their own magical ways of helping you sober up instantly.


Magical power in an escort

According to Rispah an independent Chennai escort, she has met so many men who were at the verge of throwing in the towel and have talked them out of it.  Some had already made up their mind and had everything set and had already given up and ready to die. However, a single date with her turns around everything. A man, who had no reason for living starts smiling again, becomes enthusiastic and hopeful in life. When asked about the secret, she said it is all the game of the mind. Female Marina Beach escorts feel their influence and magical power is all the society needs to sober up. They wish many people stop neglecting and judging them wrongly and wish they were given a chance to change the society.

The power in escorts many people know nothing about

Escorts hold the key to the success of many people and especially the young frustrated people in the society. This is because, they are the most loving and caring people you will never come across. The truth is, no heart no matter how broken it is can resist the power of true love and a caring spirit. This is exactly what Mumbai female escorts give to every client that they get a chance to interact with. 

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Love is sweet and we all dream of that day when we will get an opportunity to meet our true love. When you meet someone you can love without hesitation, nothing else matters in life like the feelings you share for each other.

True love can never be controlled neither can it be hidden. When you love someone for who they are, what you feel for them remains natural however mad, confused or disappointed you feel. Love grows more when it is shared and reciprocated in the same measure.



Why some people fear to love

Although we all say love is sweet and nothing can compare to the difference it makes in one’s life when given a chance to grow and thrive, there are a number of people who can never stand the risk of falling in love.


Does it sound crazy when we say falling in love is a risk? It is crazy but it is nothing but the truth. When you fall in love, you risk being rejected or loved back. Chennai escort at the same time, you might receive the same kind of love in return but after some time, you might experience what everyone is afraid of; losing the one you love.


You can lose the one you love either through a breakup, death or separation. There are different reasons that make lovers separate against their own wish. Below are some of the common why lovers are forced to separate:





1. Religious difference

As we all know, we don’t have the power to choose who to love. Many times we find ourselves falling in love with people we never thought we could love. Because of this, we sometimes become victims of forbidden love.

Different religions don’t allow their children to intermarry. For this reason, they are given only two options, either to convert to one religion or separate. If their love is strong enough, one will forgo his or her beliefs for the sake of love.

2. Job restriction

In some companies, it is against their work ethics for a man and a woman to get into a romantic relationship. Although this might seem mean, the love birds are two options as well; their love or their job.

Female escorts have also found themselves in this dilemma. Although there are some who have sacrificed their love for their job, some have left the Best Independent escorts Chennai industry to be with their new found love.

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